The Sons of Adam broke up for good in June of 1967.  I spent most of that summer
writing songs and looking for kindred spirits.  I met Sue Richmond around the middle
of July.  She was beautiful and really talented.  We worked up a few songs, and when
we played them for Mike Port, he saw that we were on to something and joined
About a month later I found Kent Henry and Bob Metke around the same time in
different bars playing in different bands.  Kent was playing guitar with Eddie James
and the Pacific Ocean.  Eddie was a great showman, but the band was going nowhere.  
Eddie eventually turned to acting and became very successful as Edward James
Olmos.  Bob was the drummer in a band called Rain...also a pretty good band, but it
was obvious that Kent and Bob were both way better than their bands, and both were
ready to move on.  Both these guys blew me away.  Kent was knowledgeable in
almost every form of music, and a technical monster.  Bob was the funkiest drummer
I'd ever seen, and also a great singer.   I knew we were going to be very good.  Mike
Port, for some reason, didn't see it that way, and left.  Kent's best friend, Fred Rivera,
was the bass player in the Pacific Ocean.  He was eager to keep playing with Kent,
and, with the addition of "Foxey" Freddy, Genesis was born.  The premise of the group
was to incorporate great songs and great harmonies with a really creative power trio.  
It worked!
The band only lasted a couple of years, pulled apart by numerous internal struggles,
but, during that time, we played some very strong shows, and made a pretty good
album.   "In The Beginning" is a collector's item to this day, and has recently been
re-released and is available on Amazon.  I have recently heard some tapes of a live
performance from the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco.  There are only  a couple of
songs, but, to me, it sounds better than the record.  Kent and Metke are on fire, and the
live version of "Gloomy Sunday" sounds wonderful.   I'm not sure when or how they
will be released.  
Left to right  Bob Metke, Kent Henry, Sue Richman, "Foxey" Freddy Rivera, Jac Ttanna